Huameiju-Look into the future

Huameiju Group shows its supreme wisdom and foresight with international vision. Based on the cooperation principle of “cooperation, win-win outcome, creating industrial wealth”, we plan to increase investment in Chinese market to expand the market in an all-round way. In the coming years, we shall set up more than 300 sales and service shops whose annual sales volume will exceed 400 million Yuan. We aim to jointly establish an industrial benchmark with elites of the industry and men of lofty ideals. We shall also jointly establish a win-win platform with dealers and create stable, sustainable wealth for the industry.
Exceed the extraordinary classics, interpret mature and thick artistic details, engrave it into the heart of each owner, and let the people of the work admire us.
Huameiju Group takes the top beautiful furniture brand as base to sail to a brand-new home life, which takes us to a civilized chapter of furniture of a new time.



HEARST & CASTLE  , established in 1992, is one of the leading furniture brand in China which is owned by SZ Wonderful Furniture. St Wonderfui  Furniture Co.,Ltd Our concept “Art•Enjoy•Luxury Home” is adapted from Europe and America, spearheading home culture innovation in Europe,  America, Canada, Russia, Korea and Middle East to promote honorable life style. Combining Europeans’ advance design and advantage of Chinese  manufacturing capability, Wonderful Furniture factory  nearly 400 thousand square meters, with an investment of about RMB 600 million, located at  Guangming New Area has bought in Heroic 600 sets from Germany to modernize production base with annual production value of more than RMB 1  billion. It is the first in the industry to pass “ISO9001 quality certificate system” with CQC green environmental Authentication.

With  a solid brand strength and top class production quality, HEARST & CASTLE annual international trade has exceeded RMB 500 million and  organized sales service network in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities in China. We aim in promoting “Art•Enjoy•Luxury Home”  to every domestic Chinese Home owners.
With the industry challenging environment, HEARST & CASTLE stick to work together creating a win-win situation and growing industrial wealth.


Enterprise strength:

1, 19 years of professional American furniture manufacturing accumulation, precipitation, experienced European and American market harsh quality inspection, the achievements of the company "quality, never compromise" the essence of management;
2, owned wood processing subsidiaries;
3, combined with the European advanced design concepts and manufacturing advantages in China, the company spent 600 million yuan in Shenzhen Guangming established nearly 400,000 square of the United States and China Industrial Park;
4, the introduction of the German-dominated world-leading production equipment 600, to create an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan of modern, standardized, large-scale professional production base in Europe and America furniture;
5, the first in the industry through the "ISO9001" quality certification system.



Corporate Culture

The construction of the HearstCastle in California, US started in 1971 and ended in 1947, lasting 28 years. The castle’s straightforward,  luxurious and delicate cultural connotation, rich artistic glamour and appealing elegance make it all the more a palace of the architectural art  and culture of the US and so far it has been exerting far-reaching influence throughout the world.

Carrying forward the cultural elements of the HearstCastle and following the cultural concept of “luxury, art and home”, Hearst & Castle  Furniture commits itself to the research, development, manufacturing, sale and service of the American-style furniture and has been striving to  upgrade China’s furniture culture.

Brand Culture

  • Hearst Castle abandoned the novelty and vanity of Baroque and Rococo style;
    To extract the essence of traditional furniture, to maintain the traditional and highly personalized ideas;
    Emphasis on comfort, style, practical and versatile;
    To convey a simple, casual, organized, multi-functional design ideas, so that the family has become the release of pressure, the liberation of the mind of the Pure Land;
    Strict material drying process, complicated and refined painting process in Hearstburg.

  • North Carolina impression, from the spiritual nature and vigorous beauty of the cultural heritage among the hardened, refined home culture concept, the design style of luxury
    Elegant, extraordinary and refined, perfect harmony with nature ...